The fundamental breeding basics are already there. We are now focused on bettering the eating experience for the end consumer.”

Bryan Bendall

Our Philosophy

Tough cattle. Tender beef. That’s what everyone wants, yet not everyone currently has this in their farming system. Ultimately, it’s all about profitability.

The maternal Angus beef cow needs to be as efficient as possible. In brief, this means she breeds a live calf in a short gestation, and once that healthy calf is on the ground it drinks abundant milk, grows fast and finishes with a high yield.

The Angus beef cut from the finished carcass must be high in marbling, tender and juicy. This is what the consumer demands and without consumer demand, profitability will decrease. It sounds like basic stuff but if we’re not producing what the end consumer wants to eat, we’ve already lost the battle.

Coming back to our cow; she can’t be too big, as she needs to get around in the hill country and she needs to be able to live off the smell of an oily rag.

So what does it take to get all these ducks in a row?

Genetics + Feed + Management = Quality Beef.

Genetics, this is where Seven Hills comes into the equation. The basics are all here; we’ve got the good constitution, the cattle are sound, they’re fertile, they’re tough and yet docile at the same time. We know this because our selection processes have culled the ones that aren’t, a long time ago. As far as the genetics go, we’re on an upward plane and with access to the most current genetics using AI technology, our cattle are continually improving, as fast as the breeding cycle will allow.

Passion drives us to do the best for the land, our animals and the red meat consumer and we feel it is our responsibility as a seedstock producer to get it right, every time.

We do business with a handshake and we stand behind our cattle, 100%.

Bryan & Nicki Bendall

Seven Hills Angus are an AngusPure Partner.

AngusPure NZ have a vision, to create an ‘AngusPure Moment’.  A moment in time when anyone, anywhere in the world, is able to share in the finest grass-fed beef eating experience.

By using quality genetics and implementing best management practice, together we will forge this AngusPure moment.