Who Are We

Founded in 1957 as Nirvana Stud by the late Graham Bendall with the purchase of heifers from Te Aratipi and over the following 15 years cows were carefully selected by Graham from higher maternal families at dispersal sales. Graham changed the stud prefix to Shalom in 1984 but continued his philosophy of breeding strong maternal female lines. In 1999 Bryan purchased the herd from Graham and has since purchased herds from Otiro and Te Kupe along with females from Inuku Heights, Standen, Shian and Turiroa.

The challenge and knowledge obtained from combining these herds along with our Waigroup herd has proven to be exciting and stimulating and now we are moving into the phase of combining carcase genetics with those strong female lines.
As a matter of interest, Bryans grandfather R O Bill Bendall named his ballot block Nirvana after finding a wool bale stencil in the Seven Hills woolshed in 1949. Nirvana carried the stud prefix for 27 years and Shalom carried the stud prefix for 27 years and now Seven Hills will keep the stud prefix for the next term. Seven Hills Farm was purchased in 2001 and had been Bills first choice of the two farms back in 1949.